Common Myths About Independent Living Communities

When you’ve never looked into Independent Living communities before, it’s only natural to have preconceived ideas about what to expect. What you think you know about Independent Living communities may even stop you from wanting to learn more.

However, not everything you learn is accurate. We’ve dispelled some of the most common rumors below:  

Myth: You Lose Your Independence

Despite having ‘independent’ in the name, some people think you must give up your independence when you move into an Independent Living community. However, that’s far from the truth.

Independent Living residents are encouraged to live life to the fullest, doing the things they love. You aren’t confined to the community and can be as independent as you want to be. You have the freedom to live life at your own pace, in your own space.

Myth: Independent Living Communities Are Unaffordable

You might be surprised by how affordable it is to join an Independent Living community. While they all vary based on needs, amenities, and locations, many are on par with standard living costs.

However, you make one convenient monthly payment instead of making multiple payments for mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, and repairs. 

Myth: You Can’t See Your Friends and Family

Because you’ll be living in a like-minded community with dozens of other people, you might think you can’t invite anyone else in. However, most Independent Living communities are visitor-friendly. Not only can you welcome loved ones into your private residence, but they are also welcome to stop by and spend time in shared spaces. Many Independent Living communities even provide private spaces for residents to celebrate special events with their loved ones.

Myth: You Have to Rehome Your Pet

It’s true that not all Independent Living communities are pet-friendly. However, many are. As a result, you don’t always have to rehome your pet when you decide to move into such a community. In most situations, your pet can come with you. Some communities even have dedicated exercise areas for pet owners.

If you’re worried about having to rehome your pet, start researching pet-friendly Independent Living communities. You’ll surely find a community to welcome your pet with open arms.

Myth: You Give Up Your Privacy

Moving into a community of like-minded people can be a big adjustment for many people. The thought of giving up your privacy might have even stopped you from moving into an Independent Living community.

However, you don’t have to give up any of your privacy. You might have more opportunities to socialize and have fun, but you still have your own space. Most Independent Living communities offer suites, studios, and one- and two-bedroom apartments that you can enjoy by yourself. You don’t have to share these with other residents.

Myth: The Food is Terrible

While not all Independent Living communities will have delicious food, most highly-regarded ones will! You can typically rely on the best Independent Living communities to have talented culinary teams who happily prepare a range of delicious and nutritious meals.

Residents are also free to venture into their local communities for a bite to eat at a local restaurant or café. They are not required to eat the provided meals if they don’t want to. Residents also have their own kitchenettes and a shared resident kitchen to prepare meals and snacks at their leisure.

Learn More About Asher Point Independent Living of Round Rock

These common myths might have stopped you from learning more about Independent Living communities, but they don’t have to anymore. We encourage you to contact Asher Point Independent Living of Round Rock today to ask questions, learn about everyday life, and see your potential new home in person.

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